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Customized Explorational Tours

Exploring this part of the world is an unique experience and it is a life-time dream of any individual. We at FinnCEEBug is ready to make sure that your dream will become a reality under an affordable package with full satisfaction.

We can schedule programs covering whole four seasons throughout the year including various activities and experiences.

We can offer you four major categories and we are ready to develop any customized program based of your request.

1. Adventure

2. Expedition

3. Family and leisure

4. Relaxation

Do you and your friends search for real adventure in life? We at FinnCEEBug will facilitate adventurous sport activities through out the year. 

  • Dirt Jumping

  • Moto Cross

  • Mountain Biking

  • Winter sports

Nature is one of the key factor in the world which you must experience at least once in your life. We have many customized tours specially designed for you and your friends.

  • Nature in habitats

  • Hiking

  • Explore North Pole

  • Along the river

Safety and satisfaction is the two main factors we will prioritize during our vacation with family members. We are fully aware of it and ready facilitate you through out your journey. 

  • Tourist attractions

  • Theme parks

  • Science centers

  • Train Tours

If you are looking for hide out from your busy life, We are ready to provide you the answer which you are looking for with prioritizing your and your loving ones privacy.

  • Northern Lights

  • Leisure with Nature

  • Island Leisure

  • Cruise tours

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